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Dr. Oz And The Raspberry Ketone DietWhen we first heard of raspberry ketones and their importance with dieting, it was Dr. Oz who broke the news. He now refers to it as his “number one miracle in a bottle than will burn your fat”.

Raspberry ketones are an extract from the aroma compound that helps give raspberries their scent. Raspberry ketone comes in many forms including drops, powders and pills – with sublingual drops (under the tongue) proving to be the most effective.

We will discuss exactly what raspberry ketones are, how they work and the success that dieters are experiencing.

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Raspberry Ketones – The Fat Dissolving Extract

Raspberry ketones are an extracted compound which regulates adiponectin – a protein in our body.

Loads of Ketones in RaspberriesHowever, the role of adiponectin is rather profound as it used by our bodies to regulate our metabolism.

Even more importantly, raspberry ketones literally breaks up fat in our cells, making it very easy for our bodies to burn this dissolved fat as an energy source.

A person would need to eat 90 pounds of raspberries to consume enough ketones to make a difference. Not only is that impractical, but a dieter would gain a lot of weight in doing so.

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How To Use Raspberry Ketones In Dieting

There have been enough studies and empirical evidence to demonstrate that raspberry ketone drops provide the most efficient absorption into our system.

Raspberry Ketone DropsAll that is needed are 40 drops under the tongue per day. A dieter can do this with 20 drops twice per day, or 13 drops three times per day.

No changes in diet or exercise are required with raspberry ketones, however, any increase in activity or decrease in food consumption will accelerate the benefits.

Dieters are seeing the effects within 5 days. A bottle lasts for one month, and the manufacturer recommends that if your goal is to lose 10 – 15 pounds, then one bottle should suffice. If more weight loss is desired, then the recommendation is to go with the two month regimen.

Clinical studies have shown raspberry ketones to be particularly effective with abdominal fat and liver fat – which is great news for dieters. Studies show that this product has no side effects.

Note: When you go to the website, be sure to watch the 4 minute video by Dr. Oz as it very educational and illuminating.

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Examples Of Dieters Losing Weight with Raspberry Ketones

Everyone loves success stories, and here are two that are typical of what some dieters are experiencing with these drops:

Becky Loses 43 Pounds With Raspberry Ketones!Becky lost 43 pounds using the two month regimen of raspberry ketone drops.

She previously had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and those symptoms have since disappeared.

Becky says that she is happy to be fitting in some clothes that she hasn’t worn in 10 years.

Alexis Loses 44 Pounds With Raspberry Ketones!Alexis lost 44 pounds using the two month regimen of raspberry ketone drops.

She had a pre-diabetes condition before the diet, and that condition has now disappeared.

Alexis commented that other diet plans took off the weight very slowly, whereas this one took it off very quickly.

raspberry ketone reviews


Dr. Oz likes to refer to raspberry ketones as a miracle fat burner, and it is truly a remarkable compound. It’s not a gimmick – the raspberry ketones trigger hormones to break up fat and then burns it easily. The drops are simple to administer, and losing weight doesn’t get any easier.

Most dieters are seeing substantial weight loss. Dietitians and the medical community are now beginning to incorporate raspberry ketones as part of their dietary regimen.

The product costs $79.99 for the first bottle, with substantial discounts for multiple bottle purchases. The manufacturer is currently offering a $20 discount on any purchase of the product, and shipping is free.


Although most dieters report excellent results without exercise or dieting, we strongly encourage users to accelerate the weight loss benefits with proper healthy eating and increased physical activity.

Bottom Line

If you are wondering if raspberry ketones actually work, suffice it to say they are the safest and most effective diet supplement on the market.

Unlike other diet supplements which are nothing more than gimmicks, it has been proven in clinical studies that raspberry ketones trigger hormonal changes that break up fat cells and quickly use this fat to burn for energy.

Dieters are excited with how quickly this product drops the weight, with users noticing changes within 5 days.

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