Calories Burned Walking

The Walking Calculator can easily reveal how many calories you can burn by the simplest of all exercises – walking.

A lot of people do not believe walking is helpful, but that clearly is not the case. To get some numbers, all you need to input is your weight, time spent walking and your pace.

One of the things you will notice is that slight increases in pace really burn a lot more calories, so please play with that option to understand how that impacts calories.

calories burned walking

    Calories Burned Walking Calculator
    Input your walking speed, weight and duration of walk:

calories burned calculator

Some Notes On Walking

Lose weight with the calorie burn calculatorWhere dieters tend to get it wrong is they place too much emphasis on cutting food. After a while, they get bored, and crash.

It only takes small changes in a diet to lose weight. After all, you didn’t suddenly gain weight, did you?

If you make some small healthy changes to your diet, and combine that with some small increases in your activity level, you will find that weight loss is incredibly easy.

You just need to commit to a slightly more active lifestyle. Give walking a shot. It will increase your metabolic rate, and the pounds will just drop.

calories burned walking

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calories burned calculator

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calories burned walking

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