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The BMR Calculator is far and away the most useful weight loss calculator for dieters. It is designed to reveal your basal metabolic rate – which is the amount of calories you burn each day.

Using the BMR calculator, how much can you lose?If you understand exactly how many calories your body burns each day to keep at your current weight, you can easily identify how many calories you need to cut in order to lose weight.

The most important number you need to know is that 3500 calories = 1 pound of weight.

So it becomes really easy to identify that if you can cut 500 calories per day from your diet, then each week you will lose 1 pound.

It also becomes easy to identify that if you eat the same, but increase your activity level each day, you can lose weight as well.

bmr calculator

Some quick tips with the BMR calculator:

  • All you need to do is input your¬†gender,¬†weight, age and activity level to learn your BMR
  • See how much you burn with no activity level – your RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate
  • See how much more you burn by increasing your activity level
  • The quickest way to lose weight is to cut a bit on food, and to increase your activity level

rmr calculator

    Your height: feet
    Your weight:
    Your age:
    Activity level:
    You require: calories per day to maintain your current weight.
    To lose weight, reduce caloric intake by 500 calories per day.
    **You will lose 1 pound per week with this approach.**
    Please see a doctor if you have any health concerns.
    Note: These calculations are based on averages. Athletes may require a higher caloric intake to maintain their current weight.

calculate bmr

Using The BMR Calculator To Your Advantage

Most dieters fail because they place all of the emphasis on cutting food intake. But that becomes unsustainable, and they crash.

Increase your basal metabolic rate with exerciseThe simplest way to lose weight – by far – is to make small healthy changes in your diet, and couple those with an increase in physical activity.

Elliptical trainers are the easiest and fastest way to lose weight. Walking is fantastic – and cheap!

It really doesn’t take much of a walk to burn some extra calories. So combine a little physical activity with some smart eating, and watch the pounds melt away.

metabolic rate calculator

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basal metabolic rate calculator

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BMR calculator

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