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The BMI Calculator (also known as the Body Mass Index Calculator) creates a comparison between your height and your weight, and can be used to compare your fitness with other people of your height.

Skin calipers, not bmi calculators, measure fat levelsSome people mistakenly believe that the BMI calculator measures your body fat.

There are other far more accurate methods to do this, such as skin calipers which measures your skin thickness on different parts of the body, and water immersion (hydrodensitometry) which measures water displacement and buoyancy.

The main benefit of the BMI calculator is that it gives you a quick number that is relative to other people. Additionally, you can use this number to gauge your relative fitness.

All you need to calculate your BMI is to input your height and weight into the calculator below. Use the BMI chart to get a quick reading on your overall level of fitness.

bmi calculator for women

Calculate Your Personal BMI

    Select your height in feet and inches
    Enter your weight in pounds

body mass index calculator

bmi calculator for men and women

Important BMI Calculator Notes:

  • The calculator tends to overstate the BMI value for athletes and other extremely muscular individuals
  • The calculator tends to understate the BMI value for seniors who lose muscle mass as they age

bmi calculator for females

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bmi calculator

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